Tacband FE02 series tactical flashlight, made of durable aircraft-grade aluminum that resists damages like scratches, abrasions, and corrosion. These flashlights are outdoor, camping, and hiking essentials. They also work great as an everyday or emergency light.
Simply click on the tail switch button and the flashlight will turn on to deliver a powerful beam. Maximum can reach 1200 Lumens.  With just 1 button for different lighting modes. 

Item No. Parameters High Lumens Run Time Beam Distance Beam Intensity Waterproof Dimension Net Weight Battery Type
FE0201 LED 100lm 9-11H 60-35m 900-306cd IPX4 19*105.2mm 37g 1*AAA
FE0202 LED 150lm 4-6H 95-55m 2256-756cd IPX4 19*149.7mm 48g 2*AAA
FE0203 LED 150lm 2-9H 80-40m 1600-400cd IPX4 25*105.7mm 52g 1*AA
FE0204 LED 400lm 3-24H 95-23m 2256-132cd IPX4 28*99.7mm 62g 1*CR123
FE0205 LED 300lm 3-35H 190-100m 9025-2500cd IPX4 30*129.2mm 103g 3*AAA
FE0206 LED 500lm 3H-4Days 230-30m 13225-225cd IPX4 28*132mm 67g 1*ICR18650
FE0207 LED 1200lm 3-8H 280-120m 19600-3600cd IPX4 44*170.4mm 250g 1*ICR26650