The TACBAND FO01 series flashlights are designed for multiple purposes including outdoor camping, wildlife discovery, as well as stargazing and basement working, etc.
The flashlights are capable of projecting varied colors in just one flashlight. You simply rotate the head of the flashlight to switch between the colors: WHITE, RED, GREEN, or BLUE. The white light is as bright as 420 lumens, which is sufficient for most outdoor and camping purposes, while the red mode is most suitable for reading/finding accessories when out stargazing, for least affection of your vision to adapt to the dark.

And the green/blue light could be more suitable for looking at animals at night.

Dimension Net Weight Storage Temperature Power By Charging Time Tactical Run Time Ingression Protection Rating (IPXX) Shock-Resistance Standard Drop Resistance Standard
Φ42.5*170mm 212g (w/o Battery) -35°c≤T ≤70°c 18650 (not included) 4±0.5H 2H ~ 25H (varied on color/intensity) IPx6 1000G 1M

Max Output Max Beam Distance LED Run Time Working Temperature
White: 420lm
Red: 65lm
Green: 120lm
Blue: 25lm
White: 330m
Red: 190m
Green: 200m
Blue: 35m
2H ~ 25H (varied on color/intensity) -20~40