Tacband, your trustworthy and reliable partner. A business division of Enjo Sports Inc., Tacband is not only a manufacturer and exporter of high-performance SHOT (shooting, hunting, outdoor, and tactical) accessories but a trustworthy and supportive partner to businesses in the SHOT industry and all the sportsmen throughout the world.

With absolute enthusiasm and dedication to the SHOT industry for over a decade, Tacband has been successful in leveraging the expertise of our engineers with years of experience in R&D and manufacturing management and offering quality products that enjoy ready market acceptance and boost profitability of our business partners. Tacband has been working with our customers closely on joint-development projects and is proud of the confidence our business partners have in us. "You and your company have been very good at standing behind what you say. It's good to do business with you."-quoted one of our esteemed business partners.
Our rich manufacturing expertise covers the fields of:
Forging & Precision CNC
For both aluminum alloy, stainless steel, bronze, and the complicated forging and precision machining of magnesium alloy housing for high-end optics.
Molding and Injection
with profound expertise in the injection and pioneering thermo-mechanical design, powered with injection machine the level of the thousand tons, Tacband has been able to launch the first series of Keymod handguards made of high impact Carbon Fiber Composite.