Full Band

.22 Tube:  For most .22 tube diameters .430 -.445" rifles except Winchester® 94/22M US
Lever Action: for Winchester® and Marlin® centerfire lever actions with tube diameters .645-.660" 

*The unique quick detachable (QD) design stops the metal swivel body from contacting the gun
*The close Machining tolerances provide smooth and silent operation
*SPECIAL full band fore-end stud installs on magazine tube of a gun
*Full band magazine tube diameters .645-.660" for W-Inchter and Marlin centerfire lever-action rifles
*Wood screw base for buttstock
*Swivel Lock spring-loaded plunger and a knurled, threaded sleeve eliminates accidental opening of the swivel


Loop Size .22 Tube Lever Action
1" SS25PA SS26PA
1-1/4" SS25PB SS26PB