An ergonomic headband with soft padding reduces the pressure on your head for superior comfort. Generous space inside the ear cups ensures breathability meanwhile soft imitation leather provides a tight sound-proof seal. Adjustable headbands and 360 rotatable ear cups with comfortable foam can be adjusted to fit most sizes from kids to adults.
Constructed by solid ABS shell and thickened noise-dampening foam. Compact folding design for easy storage and convenient portability; the noise-canceling headphones fold up nicely to fit in a range bag, backpack or briefcase while taking up only a small space. The stylish hearing protectors are ideal for shooting, hunting, sports events, studying, woodworking projects, and lawn care, extremely suitable for operating heavy machinery or landscaping business.
Item # Head Band Material Ear Pads Material TYPE Noise Reduction Rate (dB) Noise Reduction Type
EMP09 EVA+steel PU, foam Passive 22 25 Muffled