* Precision machined brass cartridge slide right into the chamber and allow you to quickly sight your firearms
* Finely tuned and aligned laser projector for zero-tolerance of impact point deviation
* Caliber specific boresights available for different firearms



BS022B Fit for rifles chambered for .22 cartridge 2x LR41 9
BS9MMB Fit for Pistols chambered for 9mm cartridge 2x LR626 9
BS44MB Fit for firearms (pistol, carbine, rifle) chambered for .44 Remington Magnum (10.9×33mmR) 3x LR41 22
BS764B Fit rifles chambered for 7×64mm (7×64mm Brenneke), e.g. the Mauser 98 bolt action rifles 3x LR754 34
BS223B Fit for 5.56x45mm NATO M16 and firearms loading .223 Remington ammo 3x LR754 12
BS30WB Fit for rifles chambered for .300 Winchester Short Magnum cartridge. 3x LR754 46
BS308B Fit for rifles chambered for .308 Winchester cartridge. 3x LR754 29
BS2506B Fit for rifles chambered for .25-06 Remington cartridge 3x LR754 35
BS12GB Fit for shotguns of 12 Ga 3x LR44 54
BS20GB Fit for shotguns of 20 Ga 3x LR44 40