* Pivot rotates 30 degrees to left or right (totally 60 degrees of rotation range), providing easy tracking of the target
* Pivot able to tilt to either side, allowing for sighting adjustment on an uneven surface
* Locking system secures any pivot angle
* Provides stable shooting support with convenient attachment to a swivel stud
* Legs spring to full extended shooting position with just a press of a button
* Multi-section leg extension let you shoot at adjustable height
* Foldable legs for convenient carry of a firearm
* Soft rubber shoes for the feet enhanced stability
* Padded bipod base protects forend of firearms
* Adopts quality material for prolonged tough service
* Non-rust black anodized finish adjustable leg length with spring return

Item# Retracted Extended Weight
BPR0609 6 inch 9 inch 408.9g
BPR0913 9 inch 13 inch 462.5g
BPR1321 13 inch 21 inch 517g