How to Protect Your Satety When Shooting

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Update time : 2022-07-27 17:34:08
Many of us are not as cautious as we should be when it comes to shooting safety. This is true on the range as well as when hunting.
If you practice frequently and take your sport seriously, you will eventually run into issues if you don't take the necessary shooting protections. let's focus our discussion on the two most crucial parts: ear protection and eye protection.
Hearing Protection
Guns are quite loud. Have you ever noticed that when you go to the range, the first shot you fire seems to be the loudest? This is one of the reasons why hearing loss is so widespread among competitive shooters: after hundreds of hours of shooting, the immense volume of your weapon becomes routine, and you forget how strong it is. According to scientists, permanent hearing loss can occur when noise levels exceed 140 dB, which can be reached by even small caliber guns.
You will almost likely cause hearing damage if you fire on the range without the proper ear protection. Only about half of us who routinely fire guns use sufficient hearing protection, according to research. Given how simple it is to preserve your hearing, this is unexpected. The first step is to get a good set of earmuffs.
Whenever go shooting, ear protection is one of the most essential pieces of equipment. It doesn't matter if you like earplugs or ear muffs better. Use of it is what's most crucial. One of the worst mistakes that seasoned hunters and shooters have made in their outdoor careers is not wearing ear protection.
There are many different styles and uses for shooting ear protection. While some can be used for a variety of purposes, others may be more mission-specific. Here are a few of the most crucial factors to take into account when protecting your hearing.
The time you spent shooting
Will you be spending a lot of time with your headsets in? This could involve spending hours at a time hunting in the field or competing in all-day shooting events. If so, your comfort will be of crucial relevance to you in this situation. The difference between having fun and getting a significant pain in your ear may depend on whether you have protection in or over your ears.
The place you shoot
Will it be necessary for you to hear other sounds occurring nearby? You should probably wear some sort of active, or electronic, hearing protection if you're at a range or event with lots of people you'll be engaging with, or if you're attempting to hear the game in the woods as it approaches. This enhances sounds from others while canceling out the gun's percussion.
How Much Can You Spend?
The price of hearing protection can range greatly, from a few pennies for a pair of foam earplugs to hundreds of dollars for the most cutting-edge electronic headsets with Bluetooth and other built-in technologies. Do not assume that you must spend a lot of money to preserve your hearing because the cost is not necessarily a good indicator of quality.
In any event, the items on this list will work for all different types of shooters in all different scenarios and at various pricing ranges.
EME12| Active Noise Reduction Ear-Muffs
  • Two Omni-directional microphones
  • Low power Bluetooth 4.0: phone call or steam audio
  • Sound-activated compression for hearing protection in shooting while permitting normal conversation
  • Actively cut off noises exceeding 82dB (SNR: 30dB, NRR: 22dB)
EME11| Active Noise Cancelling Ear Muffs
  • Actively cut off noises exceeding 82dB (SNR: 27dB, NRR: 22dB)
  • Snap-in ear cushion makes replacement easily
  • Compact design - easy to fold and carry
  • Excellent finishing of rubber coating on ear-cups
EME09 | Active Noise Reduction Ear-Muffs
  • Electronic noise reduction - NRR: 24dB
  • Surrounding sound enhancement
  • Cut-off noise exceeding 82dB
  • Low profile and light-weight design
EME10 | Active Noise Reduction Ear-Muffs
  • The microphone provides clear communication
  • noise reduction: NRR of 24dB
  • Adjustable headband fits for different head sizes
  • Premium ear cushion material offers maximum wearing comfort

Let's just say that while outshooting increases your risk of hearing damage, the risks of eye injury are significantly high too.
However, it appears that eye protection is more frequently ignored than hearing protection. I'm not sure why this is the case, but I can only guess that some shooters who compete believe that wearing glasses will hinder their accuracy
This is not true. A good set of shooting glasses can protect your eyes while also enhancing your performance on the range.

Today, many shooting glasses provide more contrast than your normal vision, and some of the most sophisticated even enlarge your field of vision.

SG12 | Shooting Glasses
  • 5x Replaceable lenses
  • Detachable inner frame for the need for dioptric adjustment.
  • These goggles are quite comfortable to wear, fit most faces, and do not slip down when sweating. The elastic anti-slip strap keeps the goggles from coming off during sports, and the athletic and lightweight design reduces the bulk and weight.